A little bit about me


David Cohen is a psychologist, UK bestselling author and documentary filmmaker.

Excuse too many Is but writing ‘David Cohen this and David Cohen that’ in the apparently impersonal third person seems a third-rate mask when clearly this site has been put up in the name of David Cohen. Narcissism is bad enough but pretending not to be a narcissist when you go to the bother of creating a site about what you’ve done is just silly.

So Aye it is. Or Eye. Or I.

I have written 35 books, contributed to many papers and magazines including The Times, The Sunday Times, The Daily Mail, The Guardian and the New Scientist. In 2002, the Royal Society of Medicine elected me as a Fellow, but not because I am a doctor. The RSM elects some non-medics who have made useful contributions in related disciplines – psychology in my case.

Small is potentially beautifully.

Many of the books that I have written and/or published can be bought online from Amazon or psychologynews.org.uk