Films and Documentaries

Some of the films and documentaries that I have directed, written and/or produced.

Dead Cool is the story of modern family relationships, as seen through the eyes of 15 year-old David.

Six years after his dad dies in a car crash, David’s mum moves in with the new man in her life. As the two families come together – complete with teenage step brothers and sisters, a crushingly acerbic granny and one feisty, American self-help guru ex-wife – David has fantasies of his father’s ghost returning to disrupt the new step-family and test its survival. Dead Cool was written and directed by David Cohen.

Sex in Our Times – 7 part series -Thames TV
This Week – Care – Thames TV
You Are Old Father William – Horizon BBC
Pleased to Meat You – Southern – nominated for best regional doc
Depression – Southern
After the Hijack – ITV
The Will to Live – ITV
I was in Broadmoor – ITV

The Peasants Revolt – Southern – with Oliver Cotton
Come to Parkhurst – Southern – with Ken Colley and John Woodvine
The Game of Love and Chance – BBC – adaptor with Charlotte Rampling
The Real World – 8 episodes – ITV – science show
Secure Unit – ITV
Passage to Britain – 13 episodes – C4 – history of immigation
British and Jewish too – C4
Journeys to Britain – C4
Holy Meat – C4
Kicking the Habit – ITV
Victims – ITV
Forgotten Millions – ITV
Immigration – C4
Untying the Knot – ITV
Kings Cross Fire – ITV
The Bureaucracy of Love – C4 – with Gordon Warnecke and Meera Syal

Northern Crescent – C4 – with Ian Hogg and Kulvinder Ghir
Gorbachev’s Asylums – C4
Fife – C4
Apartheid – the stress on the mind – C4
Dispatches – Long Lartin – C4
The Pleasure Principle – Palace – with Peter Firth and Hayden Gwynne
Dispatches – the last taboo – C4
Dispatches – False Confesssions – C4
Acceptable Risks – ITV
Pirates – 13 parts – S4C/discovery

The Secrets of Treasure Islands – 13 parts – S4C/TLC
A Lack of Vision – C4
Cutting Edge – border control – C4
Death of the Solar Temple – C4/France 2
Ghost Writers – C4
Equinox memory – C4
Dispatches – Baby’s Sweet Tooth – C4
Dispatches – Blair – C4
Dispatches – Take Care – C4
The White Lady of Kinsale – S4C – with Stephen Rea
Solo Shuttle – Arte – with Alex Jennings and Kulvinder Ghir
Grace Kelly – C4
The Madness of Children – C4
Brands – 9 shorts – Victoria and Albert Museum
The Nuclear Game – S4C
What Makes Jeffrey Tick – Channel 5
Broadmoor undercover – Channel 5
Diana the Night She Died – Channel 5

When Holly Went missing – ITV – BAFTA nominated
Deadlines – Film – won prize at Santa Barbara Film Fest – with Anne Parillaud and Omid djalili
The Madness of Prince Charles – Channel 5

Dead Cool – film – with Roseanne Arquette
Voodoo Lagoon – producer – film – nominated as best UK horror film 2010
Ted Hughes – Dream Time
Looking for Love – exec prod – Verve – theatrical doc