Psychology News Press

I started Psychology News on my kitchen table in Lewisham as there was no psychology magazine in the UK. It limped along for ten years during which it became a TV production company and a book publisher. In 1990 it stopped being a magazine and focussed on TV, film and books

Psychology News Press published its first book in 1981 and produced after a gap of 33 years its second book which became a best seller. Goodbye Dearest Holly written by Kevin Wells was wonderfully edited by Reuben Cohen who died tragically when he was only 38. Our third book Pushing The Limits, again edited by Reuben, was nominated for the Best Sports Book of the Year award.

A selection of books that have been published by Psychology News Press

The 7th PythonHow banks workIf Only They'd MetTalking Sense About MedicineBroadmoorGoodbye Dearest Holly How to cook your husband the African wayI-Survived-A-Secret-Nazi-Extermination-CampPushing the limits The oldest girl