2011 – Freud on Coke (Cutting Edge Press) – on Freud’s addiction to cocaine.

“A fascinating study”, Roger Lewis, the Mail on Sunday.

2012 – The Escape of Sigmund Freud (Overlook) – a revised edition of my 2010 book on Freud’s escape from Vienna. Overlook is run by Peter Meyer who was Penguin’s Chief Executive.

“His (Cohen’s) writing is passionate, sometimes wry, and always gripping.’ – The Independent

2012 – Bringing Them Up Royal (Robson Press) – book on how the royals have brought up their children. Serialised Daily Express. Selected by Amazon as one of its daily deals.

2013 – How to Cook Your Husband the African Way – translator of a famous French novel by Calixthe Beyala.  The book was selected by Amazon as one of its top Kindle Singles in December 2013.

2015 –Ted Hughes – dream time – a film about the childhood of the Poet Laureate Ted Hughes and his bond with his brother, Gerald Hughes.

Ted Hughes was one of the major poets of his generation. His older brother Gerald Hughes wrote a memoir of their relationship called Ted and I. This DVD is a one hour film based on that book. Gerald is still living in Australia. The two brothers were close all their lives.

In this film Gerald remembers their childhood, how their mother Edith nurtured Ted’s talents as a poet and how the countryside influenced him. The film looks also at Hughes’ schooldays.

Ted Hughes – Dream Time follows Ted Hughes’ progress from childhood to maturity to his untimely all too early death.

Many members of Ted Hughes’ family have contributed to the film as well as Gerald. It includes contributions from Carol Hughes, Frieda Hughes, Vicky Watling, Hughes’ first cousin and Steve Ely who has made a study of Hughes’ childhood.