Highlights and Awards

1978 – Author of Psychologists on Psychology (Routledge) – nominated by Psychology Today as one of the best books of the year. The book is still in print, now in its third edition.

1981 – Director/Producer of I was in Broadmoor – ITV documentary on a hospital for criminal lunatics that won an audience of 10,000,000 viewers.

1987 – Director/Producer of Forgotten Millions – ITV documentary on mental health services worldwide wins The Red Ribbon at the American International Film and Video Festival.

1989 – Soviet Psychiatry (Paladin) – based on my film Gorbachev’s Asylums (Channel 4) praised by the Guardian as “one of the documentaries of the decade”. The first film to report from the inside on conditions in ‘asylums’ where the Soviets kept many dissidents.

1991 – Director/Producer of Acceptable Risks – ITV documentary about child abuse investigations. Wins prize at Columbus Film Festival.

1999 – Producer/Writer of The Madness of Children – Channel 4 documentary on children’s psychiatric services is part of the season that wins the Royal Television Society prize for best campaign.

2003 – Co-producer of Deadlines – (starring Anne Parillaud) which won the Best International Film award at the Santa Barbara Film Festival.

2003 – Author of Diana Death of a Goddess (Century) – which made it to no. 6 on the best seller list.

2005 – Director/Producer of When Holly Went Missing – ITV documentary – the inside story of the Soham Murders, as told by Kevin Wells, father of victim Holly Wells – nominated for best current affairs programme BAFTA 2005.

2010 – Co producer of Voodoo Lagoon (Metrodome) –  a horror movie which was nominated for best horror movie at the British Horror Film Festival.